500 Russian audiobooks 1.0

500 Russian audiobooks 1.0



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"500 Russian AudioBooks" is a unique collection of audio books in various genres. Our catalog is comprised of titles you will definitely find interesting: business and educational literature, books for children, foreign language guides, comic books, detective novels, classic and contemporary titles, and much more. You can install the application once and download any number of books and enjoy them at home, on the go or even in your gym!

Key features:
- The best collection of books of different genres
- A convenient audio player
- Creation of custom book collections
- Each audio book has a detailed description
- Search by title and author
- All installed audio books can be synchronized with other Apple devices tied to a single Apple ID
- The library features both short books (20-30 minutes) and books lasting several hours
- The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

List of books:

- English Self-Study Book. Full course.
- Luka Mudischev
- Psychotechniques of Influence
- Programmer for Hell
- Memory Training
- Jokes about Jews
- Crime and Punishment
- Universal English Phrasebook
- 100 Simple Rules of Health
- How to Defeat Stress and Apathy
- How to Talk to the Police
- Merchant of Venice
- How to Get Rich
- How to Talk to the Road Police
- Traffic Fines 2013
- MBA Dictionary for Managers
- Jews and Sex
- 2000 English Words
- 2000 Russian Words
- Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin
- Uncle Remus Tales
- Notes from the Internet
- Amphibian Man
- How to Work with MacBook
- World Cities
- Your successful Business
- Your salary. Questions to the lawyer.
- How to lose weight. Philosophy of Slenderness.
- How to File a Complaint the Right Way
- Toasts and Congratulations
- Watch Out! Internet Scam
- How to Pick Up a Guy
- The Great Book of Fallacies
- Personal Finance Management
- How to Pick Up a Girl
- Habits of Successful People
- 50 Rules of Child Upbringing
- Your Rights. Lawyer"s Recommendations
- How to Talk to the Tax Service
- Secret of Your Name
- Diets for Everyone
- Accountant"s Dictionary
- Jokes about Stirlitz
- The Way of Getting Rich
- English for Kids. ABC
- Wonders of the World
- How to Make Money on the Internet
- Apartment and Mortgage
- Audio Guide. Helsinki. TOP 10
- Audio Guide. Kyiv. TOP 10
- Audio Guide. New York. TOP 10
- Audio Guide. Rome. TOP 10
- Audio Guide. Berlin. TOP 10
- Audio Guide. Saint Petersburg. TOP 10
- Audio Guide. Paris. Top 10
- Audio Guide. Madrid. Top 10
- Audio Guide. London. Top 10
- Audio Guide. Prague. Top 10
- Boiling Pot
- "Baby I Dami"
- Marya Lusyeva
- Bergamot and Geraska. Short Stories
- The Life of Vasily Fiveyski. Andreev L. N.
- Marseillaise
- Original Man
- Serenity
- A Story About the Seven Hanged. Andreev L.N.
- Happening
- By the Window
- The Life of Artemiy Araratskiy
- Tales of Bashkiria
- Petersburg
- Ariel
- The Lord of the World
- Dead Head
- Island of Dead Ships
- Jump into a Void
- Hoyti-Toyti
- Ammalat-bek
- "Vecher na Kavkazskih Vodah v 1824 Godu"
- Traitor
- Leutenant Belazor
- Fifteen-year-old Captain
- Timur and His Team
- Demonic Women
- I am an Awesome Lover. The Story of Sid and Alice
- Lust and Enjoyment
- Blue Room
- Madonna
- The Science of Winning. Regiment code
- The Secrets of Female Orgasm
- Katherine II
- Winter in the Willows
- Shining World
- The Marriage of August Esborne
- To Italy: stories
- A Road to Nowhere
- Golden Chain
- The Loved One: Stories
- Psychological Novels
- Rene and other Stories
- Shady Lady
- "Durak I Bereza"
- A Russian American
- Katorga-1. A Harnessed Cad
- Katorga-2. A Kind Man
- Katorga-3. The Monte-Carlo of Sakhalin
- Russians at the Beginning of the 18th Century
- White Nights
- Demons
- The Double

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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